Can I select slides or segments of home movies for inclusion in my biography?

Yes you can. In fact we encourage you to unearth your old movies if they can tell or highlight a specific story as this can be compelling viewing. However you must keep in mind that we will probably not insert more than 10 – 20 seconds of a specific clip at any one time during your biography. In general, use the same criteria for selecting clips as you use for photo selection. As far as quantity goes one 10 second clip equates to one photo, so the more clips you have the less photos required or vice-versa.

It is important to understand that we must take slides, Super 8 films and videos back to our office to digitise them for inclusion in your biography. We will take any media you have selected away with us at the completion of the interview recording phase.

Although we will take the utmost care in handling your media, old film can become quite fragile and brittle and as such we cannot be held responsible for any accidental damage they may occur. We will certainly not continue with copying the media if we are at all concerned that any damage might result.

We will return all original media to you when we deliver your finished video biography.

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