How many times do you visit me during the whole process of making my video biography?

  • We visit you initially to provide you with information on the video biography packages and options, where we will provide you with a fixed price quotation.

  • Once you have decided to go ahead with the project we will visit you a second time. During this meeting we will:

  • determine interview questions by running through interview question list with you

  • determine the best location for your interview

  • discuss other materials such as photos, etc. for inclusion in the video

  • arrange a date and time for the interview filming

  • collect your deposit to secure a filming date

  • Our 3rd visit is the big one. This is when we film your interview, take copies of the photos you have selected for inclusion, take photographs of other memorabilia and gather any other media such as video tapes for inclusion in the program. You should allow between 3 – 6 hours for this visit depending on the length of the video biography that you have chosen. At this visit we also collect the filming portion payment.

  • Our 4th and final visit is when we deliver your finished video biography to you. We will sit down with you and view it with you and assuming that you love it, will collect the balance of the payment.

  • Between visits 3 & 4 we will usually be in contact with you a few times as questions arise during the editing process. This is usually done over the phone but you are also free to view the work in progress via prior appointment.

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