Our Team



John is the owner of  parent business  A Vision Fantastic, established in 2002.

John has worked on productions for broadcast  TV, corporate and  private clients. Through professional training , and many years experience in the industry, John is a highly talented videographer, editor  and producer.

John is the creative mind behind  our productions from pre-planning  right through to post production. His goal is always to tell your story in the most compelling way possible while never losing touch with the human side of the person telling that story.



Kathryn is an amateur history buff and loves nothing better than researching the times and places of our storyteller's lives. Whether it be music or news events of the times, if required, Kathryn will find it for inclusion in your biography.

Kathryn has a professional planning background, so is a perfect fit for the many aspects of pre-production work such as interview planning, scripting, and cataloguing of personal photos and other memorabilia for inclusion in the compleed video biography.

Kathryn loves meeting new people and has the natural talent for quickly putting everyone at ease.



Louise is a professionally trained actor and television presenter. She has performed acting roles in various film and television productions.

Her keen interest in history combined with her vibrant and approachable screen presence makes Louise the perfect blend to present and narrate family history stories.

Her passion for interviewing and meeting new people always creates a comfortable and sincere environment where people are encouraged to express themselves freely. Louise's engaging personality and unique interviewing skills always creates an enjoyable and relaxed experience for all.