Training Media

Today, more than ever before, effective training of employees and contractors in processes and procedures will make a vital difference to the success of your manufacturing business.

Manufacturing processes are more complex than at any other time in history. Consequently there is the need to equip people with more knowledge to do their jobs safely and efficiently, while delivering a high quality, consistent product.

At the same time legislation is making ever increasing demands on employers to demonstrate that their employees are adequately trained.

Video and especially multimedia training is becoming an increasingly popular tool in the manufacturing industry for the following reasons:

  • Audio/visual training provides better comprehension and retention than paper based material
  • Reduced personal trainer load

  • Trainee can progress the learning material at his or her own pace without peer group pressure

  • Automated reporting can be provided on individual's progress and comprehension

We provide our clients with multimedia training material covering one or more of their unique processes, and if required, also integrate learning assessment modules to quantify and record individual trainees understanding of the material presented.

Training modules can be provided on self contained CD ROM, DVD or in a format suitable for hosting on company intranets.

Multimedia training material can also be packaged to provide on-line pseudo 'expert system' for process problems.