In the tradition of fireside storytelling, a video biography will entertain and bring joy to your loved ones... forever.

We will produce a beautifully filmed biography featuring interviews, photos, other memorabilia and your favourite music.

The legacy of your life... the passions, the trials, the triumphs.

It is a life story, told through anecdotes and memories reminisced by those who were there.

It’s a tribute, woven together in a way that’s often poignant and touching... as well as enlightening and sometimes even funny.

It’s a beautifully crafted retrospective, delivered on digital media of your choice.


I’m not famous. Would my biography be boring?

We truly believe that everyone has a “story”.

We have all had joys, achievements, struggles and significant moments in our lives.

Our job is to make that story come alive.


What type of person are these biographies for?

Anyone who wishes to leave a legacy for future generations of their family, will find a video biography to be a wonderful way to do so.


What happens if I am not happy with the video biography you produce?

We are so confident that you will love your video biography that we provide a 100% satisfaction written guarantee.

If you are not completely satisfied with our work we will refund in full all monies you have paid.


What will I talk about in my video biography?

In our initial 'get to know you' session with our clients, we go through the important times of your life and determine what areas you feel you would like to talk about and pass down to your future generations. These could be fun times and sad times, they could be defining moments in your life, or even the wisdom gathered along the way from a life well lived. The next step is then over to us


From our comprehensive database of specially constructed questions we will make a short list of those that will get you easily thinking and talking about those special times. In fact we often find that we don't need to use all the questions as your memories come flooding back in our relaxed interview setting.

Click on the images below to see but a few of our questions covering some of he many diverse times of our lives.