What questions are asked during the video interview and how can I prepare for them?

Once you have contracted us to produce your Life Memories Video Biography we will visit you in the comfort of your own home with a lovely long list of memory provoking questions. We go through these questions in their specific categories (eg early childhood, dating, parenthood, life lessons and many, many more) and make a note of the ones that induce a strong link to your memories through various stages of your life.

If there are areas of your life that you specifically want to talk about, or on the other hand, not want to talk about, we completely respect your decisions as this is your biography to tell and no one else’s.

Within a few days of this first discussion we will send you the list of questions that you have selected well in advance of your interview session so that you can focus on what your responses will be.

During the interview process we may combine a number of closely related questions in to a single question as this provides for a more naturally flowing response from you. We may also omit some questions selected during the interview if we feel they have already been covered in responses to previous questions.

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