A Vision Fantastic

 Media Conversions

Today’s “smart” TV’s allow the viewer to watch recorded video programs from a wide variety of digital sources such as DVD's, Blu-rays, USB thumb drives, networked hard drives and streaming from the internet.

Many of us, however, have accumulated analog content from a now bygone era which we want to be able to watch now, and also pass down to future generations in a format that they can access.

Many of us also want this old analog content in a digital format so that we can view and edit it on our personal computers, tablets and phones.

A Vision Fantastic offers a service to convert the content of VHS tapes, camcorder tapes and Super 8 film to DVD’s and Bluray discs, and mp4 digital files for storage on hard drives, USB thumb drives and SD cards.

Video Tape Transfer

Try buying a new player device to view your old VHS and camera tapes and you will find that they are no longer manufactured.

Even if you still own a functioning VCR or video tape camcorder, old tapes can quickly deteriorate, becoming brittle and losing their coating. At that point it is usually too late to ever view their contents again.

 To preserve your precious personal and family memories it is essential to act quickly while tapes can still be played and get their contents transferred to a digital medium.

We are able to process the following tape formats:

  • VHS

  • VHSC

  • 8mm

  • Hi8

  • miniDV


Copy of dvd01.jpg

Once material is in digital format it can be copied time and time again without any further loss of quality. Why is this important? Quite simply, as time goes on and technology changes, the same digital storage formats such as DVD's and hard disc drives will become obsolete. This will not happen instantly without warning, so there will be time to digitally copy your family's precious memories without any more quality loss. The imperative is to digitize your material now before it is too late.

We can convert your old video tape programs to DVD's, Blu-rays, portable HDD's or USB memory sticks. For an additional fee we will transfer you material to an archive quality M-DISC (either DVD or Blu-ray) with a minimum data life of 1000 years.

For DVD and Blu-ray conversions we can provide a basic menu or complex animated menu features depending on your needs.

Tape material can also be edited before transfer to disc.