Production Services Introduction

We offer a comprehensive range of digital media production services to meet your needs from high end full HD 3D animations integrated with real life footage, to simple video transfers and conversions.

Some of our services are listed in more detail on our site, but please enquire if you have other requirements in the area of digital media and we would be more than pleased to discuss how we may help.


Golden Ash Grove Productions is our brand for documentaries and short feature production.

The relationship with our clients begins at planning and pre-production stage, and continues right through scriptwriting, filming and post production, to final delivery.

With the rapidly growing interest worldwide in personal biographical presented in a visual medium, we have developed a range of 'Life Memories Video Biographies'  documentary packages for Australian families that will be handed down and treasured forever.

All our video biographies contain historical photos, some older than others, and some requiring a degree of restoration before inclusion in our programs. The response from our clients to these restorations has been so positive that we now offer photo restoration as a stand alone service. To complement this service we also offer scanning of prints, slides and negatives to a range of digital formats. For more information check out our pages on Photo Restoration.